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Aktuelle Events

Italian Division Weekly Fly-In/Out LIME-LOWW


Beginn:  17.11.2022 um 20:00 Uhr UTC
Ende: um 22:00 Uhr UTC

Thursday 17 November from20z to 22z ( 21-23 local ) the Weekly Fly-In arrives/Out ! Every Monday a pool] will be published on the Instagram page of the Italian Division and the users will have the possibility to decide which airport will be used for the event. Every Wednesday the airport that has received the most votes will be announced on a dedicated Discord channel and on Instagram. Given the great success of this series of events, this week we will leave the Italian borders and fly to Austria. It will be an airbridge in collaboration with the Austrian division between Bergamo (LIME) and Vienna (LOWW). YOU CAN'T MISS IT! WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!


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